Filocracia: An Online Journal of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies accepts papers that discuss philosophical topics ranging from reflections or elaborations on the thoughts of major philosophers from the Western and Eastern traditions, to mediations between the East and West, to studies that utilize philosophical frameworks in analyzing social realities, and other researches that combine philosophical and interdisciplinary approaches.
It also accepts book reviews and local researches written in any Philippine language (e.g., Tagalog, Bikolano, Cebuano, Ilokano) provided that our editorial competence will allow a scholarly critique of the said articles. In most cases, an English translation will be required and will be published simultaneously with the local research.
With the publication of these local researches, concrete social realities and the concerns of those at the margins of centralized philosophic and social discourses in the Philippines and in Asia are relevantly engaged.
For those interested, article submissions may be sent in MS Word file (.doc/docx) by e-mail to the Editor at Submissions should contain:
  • Title of the article and the name of the author, institutional affiliation, rank and position (if applicable);
  • a 150-200 word abstract;
  • 5-8 keywords;
  • an essay composed of at least 5000-8000 words excluding the bibliography.
Please use the Chicago Manual of Styles starting from the 15th edition for your citations. Submitted papers will be reviewed blindly by at least three readers.


  1. Upon receipt of the submitted article, the editor-in-chief [EIC] collects the article and checks the necessary elements contained in the document. He then sends:
  • A letter of acknowledgment to the interested author (1-2 days).
  • Forwards the articles to three reviewers for proper refereeing (1-5 days) with the proper Refereeing Form.
  1. Upon receipt of the article for blind review, the referee sends the Refereeing Form to the EIC within 1-2 weeks (as the case may be).
  2. Should 2 out of 3 referees accept and recommend the paper for publication, the EIC sends the article:
  • To at least two associate editors for content and style editing (1-2 weeks).
  • To the managing editor [ME] for initial lay-outing.
  1. After receiving the article from the associate editors, the EIC returns the article to the author to address editorial corrections and suggestions. The author is given 3-5 days to do the corrections (maybe adjusted depending on the schedule).
  2. Once the author returns the edited article, the EIC edits it again and forwards it to the ME for final lay-outing(3-5 days). At this stage, several editing cycles can be done in order to ensure the quality of the published paper.
  3. After the final lay-out, the EIC and three (3) copy editors will be looking at the final manuscript (3-5 days) for proof-reading and typographical errors.
  4. After copy-editing, the EIC instructs the ME to upload the files to the internet for publication (to the date of issue publication).


The copyright of the articles published here remain with their authors. These articles may be cited, printed, and photocopied provided compliance is observed with the provisions of the Fair Use Act.
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