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Read Editors' Introduction


Read Federico José T. Lagdameo
From Machenshaft to Ge-stell: Heidegger's Critique of Modernity

Read Jeffrey L. Bartilet
Foucault, Discourse, and the Call for Reflexivity

Read Rev. Prudencio M. Edralin
Ricoeur’s Existential Phenomenology

Read Guillermo Dionisio
Natural Law Tradition and Confucian Culture: Beyond East-West Divide

Read Michael Roland F. Hernandez
The Silence of the Sexless Dasein: Jacques Derrida and the Sex “To Come”.

Read Virgilio A. Rivas
Derrida and Žižek: On the intersections of Différance and Parallax, From Eating Well to the Necessity of Idiocy

Bikol Studies

Read Jesus Cyril M. Conde, Maria Aurora A. Conde, and Ramona S. Renegado
Hybrid Christianity in the Oral Literature and Ethno-botany of the Agtas of Mount Asog in the Bikol Region of the Philippines

Read Victor John M. Loquias
A Linguistic Exploration of the Bikol Concept of Tood: Towards a Philosophical Framework for Education

Book Reviews

Read Raniel S.M. Reyes
Paul Patton, Deleuze and the Political

Read Jayson C. Jimenez
Slavoj Žižek, The Year of Dreaming Dangerously

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