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Fleurdeliz Altez-Albela
Thomistic Participation in Benedict XVI’s Encyclical Notes on Love

Earl Allyson Valdez
Establishing the Real Distinction between Essence and Existence in De Ente et Essentia

Raniel S.M. Reyes
Cybersex, Bodies, and Domination: An Immanent Critique of Cyber-technology and the Possibility of Emancipation

Jovito V. Cariño
Ang Etika bilang Akademikong Diskurso sa Pagsusuri sa Pilipinas: Isang Pagsusuri

Emmanuel De Leon
Ang Pilosopiya ni Charles Taylor

Jeffrey L. Bartilet
Nietzsche’s Down-goings: Abysmal Thought, Aristocracy, and Care

Michael Roland F. Hernandez
Philosophy and Subversion: Jacques Derrida and Deconstruction from the Margins


Virgilio A. Rivas
Lessons from the Cave: On Aesthetic Experience

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