About the Journal

Filocracia is a peer-reviewed and independent online journal of philosophy and interdisciplinary studies published twice a year (February and August) and is based in Naga City, in the Bicol Region, South of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It is envisioned to be another locus where scholars, writers, academics, and researchers, can publish their papers for Internet dissemination. It aims to serve the interests of knowledge and philosophy through the democratization of channels to academic and independent researches that have immense social and philosophical relevance.

Specifically, Filocracia strives to be a welcome venue for a fruitful dialogue between philosophy and other human sciences such as, but not limited to, History, Literature, Humanities, Sociology and Anthropology.

Filocracia is a neologism transliterated from Philokratia [philos/philia (love) + kratia (rule)/kratos (power)] that refers to that rule and power possible when love is made at the center of all human activity. Alluding to the "love of wisdom" which we find in the philosophic life, filocracia rests on that certain "wisdom of love" that can radically challenge the dehumanization and injustice occasioned by the various totalizing technologies affecting modern human life.

Editorial Board

Michael Roland F. Hernandez, Ateneo de Naga University

Managing Editors
Dennis B. Gonzaga, Ateneo de Naga University
Jose Mark D. Tandog, Ateneo de Naga University

Associate Editors
Fleurdeliz Altez-Albela, University of Santo Tomas
Jeffrey L. Bartilet, Polytechnic University of Philippines
Mark Joseph T. Calano, Ateneo de Manila University
Federico Jose T. Lagdameo, Ateneo de Naga University
Jeremiah Joven Joaquin, De La Salle University - Manila
Virgilio A. Rivas, Polytechnic University of Philippines
Alvin A. Sario, Aquinas University

Book Review Editor
Raniel S.M. Reyes, University of Santo Tomas

Editorial Collaborator
Rodel L. Ortanez, AMA International University, Bahrain

Editorial Assistant
Ronald B. Turiano, Ateneo de Naga University

Senior Editorial Consultants

Dr. Maxwell L. Felicilda
University of La Salette
Dr. Manuel Dy, Jr.
Ateneo de Manila University
Dr. Florentino Hornedo
University of Santo Tomas
Dr. J. Ranilo Hermida
Ateneo de Manila University
Dr. Agustin Martin Rodriguez
Ateneo de Manila University
Dr. Danilo Madrid Gerona
Bicol University
Dr. Jove Jim Aguas
University of Santo Tomas
Dr. Jazmin Badong-Llana
De la Salle University

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